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Privacy Policy

We are delighted that you are interested in our business. The Business Growth Network Limited.
This Privacy Notice explains what to expect when The Business Growth Network Ltd collects and uses any personal information when you use this website and our wider services. We encourage you to read this notice carefully and if you’d like further clarification, please contact our team using the details below and we will be happy to assist.
Data Protection Officer

The Business Growth Network,

Somerset House, Temple Street Birmingham, B2 5DP

Tel: 0121 630 2046

Email: [email protected]


Our promise to you

The Business Growth Network is committed to respecting your privacy and ensuring the personal information you have entrusted to us is held securely. This policy has been written in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the advice and guidance as set out on the website of the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). The GDPR strengthens your rights to privacy and gives you control over the personal information that organisations hold about you.

How we collect personal information


We may collect personal information in the following ways when you:

Contact us or respond to our enquiry, by telephone, email or social media;

Submit information via enquiry forms on this website;

Enter into a contract for our products and services;

Register to attend events organised by us or our Members or Patrons;

use our social media by including a post or other communication;

Apply for a job to join our team.

The personal information we collect

We only provide business-to-business products and services. 

When you enquire about our services on behalf of your company, we will collect information from you to enable us to respond to your enquiry. This will include your name, company name, position within the business, business address, a contact email address and a contact telephone number. 

Any information which identifies you as an individual will be treated as personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. We also collect other information you supply that is relevant to your enquiry, and will maintain records of your contact with us.

When you apply for a job with us, we will collect information from your application such as your name, address, email address and other personal data you have supplied, typically within your own CV.

What we use your personal data for

We may use your name and contact telephone number and/or email address which identifies you as an individual, to enable us to respond to any enquiry you have made on behalf of your company about our products and services; to deliver events, workshops or other contacts between Members and Patrons; or to keep you informed of updates to your products and services; to publicise your company events on social media; within the creation of profile on our Website . The lawful basis of contract applies to our processing and use of your personal data for these purposes.

If you apply for a job within our company, we will use the personal information you have supplied to enable us to be able to contact you to progress your application, which falls under the lawful basis of contract, as you would be taking initial steps to enter into a possible employment contract.

If you become an employee, we will collect and process information for the purpose of the ongoing administration of your employment and meeting our legal obligations regarding employees. This information will be processed and used under the lawful bases of both contract and legal obligation.

Direct business-to-business marketing communications will only be sent to contact methods that identify you as an individual if you have given your consent, and we will seek to refresh that consent at appropriate intervals.

Who we share your personal data with

We do not share your personal data with any other third parties (other than with Members of our organisations or our Patrons as you have requested on behalf of your company) or if you have given your consent, or if it is necessary to facilitate the provision of third party services, or if we are required to do so by law. Any personal data we collect relating to directors and employees of companies we do business with, or those who have enquired about our products and services, along with the details of job applicants and employees, is stored securely within our organisation. It is accessed only by appropriate Made in Group employees and used only for the purposes we have explained in the section above.

How long we keep your personal data

We may keep data that identifies you as an individual that relates to companies that we do business with. Information will be kept for the length of the contract, for as long as you are an appropriate contact at that company.

Personal data processed under consent and used for direct marketing purposes will be kept for as long as you consent to its processing. We will seek to refresh your consent at appropriate intervals, to ensure you are still happy for us to receive communications from us.

Your rights regarding your personal data

You have the right to request access to, rectification or erasure of that data, and to object to its processing. You can also withdraw direct marketing consent at any time if the contact details we hold for your business identify you as an individual. If you wish to make any such requests please contact us in writing using the contact details at the top of this page.

Data Processing on your behalf

Made in Group products, events and website services are all business-to-business. If you are a user of our services, the following explains how we look after the data you collect and input into our products:

When personal data is used in the services that we provide to you, with regard to the processing of personal data under the General Data Protection Regulation, you are the Controller of that data and The Business Growth Network up is the Processor. You have given us consent to act for you in providing our Website, social media, events and services. 

Data will be processed on your behalf for the duration of our contract with your business. The nature of the processing is to collect, store and use the data for the purposes of enabling the Website, social media, our services and events. 

We will treat all personal data as confidential information and any processing of that data is in accordance with, and ancillary to our contract with you (including for a reasonable period after its termination). We can act upon other reasonable written instructions provided by you unless by law we are required to act without such instructions. 

Where appropriate, there may also be legitimate reasons for maintaining personal data and in its role as the processor, The Business Growth Network aims to process all data by taking appropriate measures to ensure the security of processing.

For any sub-processors, we have a contract in place with them that contains the same data protection obligations that we have with you under GDPR, and they have their own responsibilities as a data processor on our behalf. We will assist you in meeting your Data Controller obligations under the GDPR, specifically in relation to the security of processing and the notification of personal data breaches, as well as assisting you with subject access and allowing data subjects to exercise their rights.

We shall also provide you with any necessary information you need regarding our role as a data processor to ensure you are meeting your obligations.

You acknowledge that we may process Personal Data as a controller for the purpose of or in connection with those services and work (i) applicable legal, professional or regulatory requirements; (ii) requests and communications from competent authorities; and (iii) administrative, financial accounting, analysis, client relationship, and other reasonable business purposes.

Reporting concerns or compliments

If you wish to raise a concern about the handling of your personal information by The Business Growth Network or compliment what you think we have done well, please contact us.

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) about how we manage your data.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

The Business Growth Network will review our privacy notice regularly and, where necessary, update our privacy information. This notice was last updated in April 2022.