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Any The Business Growth Network events you attend whether online or face2face will have an ambassador. Ambassadors are local businesses that support our events by helping members and visitors connect. Ambassadors play an important role in hosting our events and making sure the events are valuable. The Business Growth Network has an amazing team of Ambassadors, hosting events and being the local contact point attendees.

Meet Our Ambassadors

Become An Ambassador

Any Member of The Business Growth Network can be an Ambassador, and it is a great way to heighten your brand.

Being an Ambassador is a great way to make those attending the event aware of your business – who you are, what you do, what your core values and activities are. Even if they don’t need your services at this point in time, they may do later, or come across someone who does. While this is definitely the case with all networking, the higher profile that Ambassadorship brings means that you’re going to be ‘top of the list’.

Becoming an Ambassador is easy. There is no cost involved, and it’s as simple as having a conversation with Mark Linton.

Use the form to contact him and let him know which event you would like to host – either a regular monthly in-person Latte Networking event in your area, or our online events held weekly. For those who prefer to do quarterly or special events to get involved with our speed networking, breakfasts or lunch meetings. are just There’s plenty of flexibility.

Some choose more socially-oriented events, such as social evenings, team building or hospitality days. What could you host!

For some, an industry-specific event has appeal. If you’re in marketing, maybe a regular event that brings together marketing, PR, digital marketing and other allied industries might be something that you want to get up and running as an Ambassador. The Business Growth Network encourages industry-specific talks, but there is definitely space for more. We have opportunities in the following areas for online talks as well as speaking opportunities and workshop discussions in;

Property, Investment, Construction and Trade,

Business Advice, Business Finance and Business Protection,

HR, Recruitment and Training industries,

Sports, Fitness and Nutrition,

Cyber Security, Telecoms and IT Industry

Business coaching

The Business Growth Network takes care of all the logistics – working with the Ambassador to set up the appropriate venue, advertising and the booking, and other arrangements as necessary. All you need to do is turn up a bit early, spread the word and play host.


We are looking for Ambassadors to host our Events. 

If you would like to host our events locally. Please fill in the form and a member of team will be in touch shortly.