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Become a Member

Become a Member

BGN Membership helps businesses grow locally, regionally and nationally by allowing them to connect to greater audiences through our unique platform and hybrid of events. We help business growth by encouraging our members to sign up for the BGN charter which is to help support one another to mutually grow and give back to the UK economy by providing jobs and prosperity amongst its people.

We do this by providing a digital overlay for members and using the group’s inner workings to mentor and support each other for business growth.

We work hard to help our members connect to the right audience by providing an exclusive platform to promote and market their business whilst bringing together members online or through our face2face events to help them connect and grow.

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How We Deliver

  • Help you grow by connecting you to the right audience.
  • Elevate your business profile
  • Engage you at a new Level
  • Influence change

Our vision is to help businesses grow and get back to business by encouraging shared best practices, opportunities and values with its members.

Corporate Membership

Our Premium offering gives you access to all levels of membership, Associate, Executive and Corporate. Providing a complete marketing solution with growth and support for your organisation and people.

BGN Corporate membership gives you the chance to have a heightened presence and greater opportunities for future growth as well as the chance for your organisation and people to optimise the opportunities for faster growth through targeted networking.

Executive Membership

BGN executives are committed to developing themselves and the people in the business. This is for leaders in a business to create strategic alliances and work with others in their peer group to help shape their environment and the organisations they work for by sharing best practices and ideas to help others.

Our Business Forums and Roundtable discussion groups allow these members to meet, discuss and debate strategic issues facing their organisation as well as share best practices. Being involved in networks that bring in experts and professionals to help business growth is what will allow our members to exceed.

Associate Membership

Empowering your business and those who work for you allows for greater enhancement for growth.
BGN Associate membership enables any individual to develop their skills, add value and build relationships.

From raising your business profile to inspiring key personnel within your organisation, the BGN Associate is an essential platform for any business keen to connect, network, meet other businesses and gain potential partners or clients.